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A people-powered movement to create a better informed electorate. Posts on media, journalism, and democracy. https://MediaAndDemocracyProject.Org


Jonathan R

Jonathan is an Organizer for the Media and Democracy Project.

Media and Democracy Project

We're building a people powered movement to create a better informed electorate. Reach out/sign up: http://tiny.cc/OurNewsletter Meetings: http://mobilize.us/mediademocracyproject/ @FixMediaNow @MAD_Democracy Mastodon: journa.host/@MAD_democracy

Brian H.

Writing about our information ecosystem and how we can make it better for everyone.

Holley Atkinson

Working with fellow patriots on the Media and Democracy Project mediaanddemocracyproject.org to call out the mainstream media for failing our democracy. Follow us! http://twitter.com/FixMediaNow https://mastodon.social/@FixMediaNow